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In a fast changing industry, we are recognized for our detail, accuracy, eye-catching design, and readability that are cornerstones of our map-making philosophy. Our capabilities in digital mapping and database adaption allows us to meet time to market requirements and customization flexibility in meeting a range of specific customer requirements.


“Between its JV partners, AQI, has over 17 years of combined experience in GPS navigation, and has invested in its people for more than 10 years for the related research and development that allows it the reputation for providing high quality custom navigation solutions and that service a variety of markets and meet varied consumer and business requirements.”


AQI is now poised and ready to provide lifestyle navigation solutions for the aftermarket and OE automotive segment; and is keen to work with the public and private sectors in undertakings that lead to smart transportation in Malaysia.

Products and Services

  • Navigation Software & Map
  • Enterprise & Government Solution
  • Traffic Management Center
  • Fleet Management System
Navigation Software & Map

Our range of products delivers comprehensive coverage with street level detail for everyday traveling.

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Enterprise & Government Solutions

Our solutions provide a wide range of spatial-related services to government and enterprise.

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Traffic Management Center

A technology for delivering traffic data to drivers through FM Radio system.

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Fleet Management System

Do you know where your vehicles are right now? SGTracker displays your vehicles on a map with information about current position, speed and status. Important alerts and status signals from your vehicles can also be displayed in real time.

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